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Attention ! If you apply our decals on inmold printed plastics, we cannot guarantee a perfect result. Our cutting lines are not adapted to such plastics and therefor there is a risk that the decals will not cover the inmold printing completely. In order to obtain the best result we recommend that our decals be applied only to plastics without inmold print.


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We are very pleased that our sale are increasing in the United States. Over the past months we have produced our decals in our factory in Illinois. You do not think about taxes and customs clearance in the United States. We have two different shipping U.S. postal service and UPS, while checking out the web shop, you opportunity to select the delivery method.

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We manufacture and sell stickers / decals with a focus on motocross. The decals are designed as
undercover pressure which is very durable and of good quality, and an adhesive that we manufacture ourselves. More about us »