How do I get HG Cash ?


Bonus levels

HG Cash is our way to reward all HG Stickers customers that buy our products through our webshop.

The more you buy the higher discount you get on your initial price on the next order.


1 Euro/ 1 Dollar = 1 HG Cash and you can see the different HG Cash bonus levels here above.

The HG Cash bonus level is based on the purchases made during the past year.
When ordering as a HG Stickers customer each Euro spent is registered in our bonus system : HG Cash

This is why is important that you always log in before you start to order.

Once you have reached a certain level of HG Cash points, you automatically get the corresponding discount on your next order. The higher HG Cash level you reach the better discount you get and you can see the different HG Cash levels and their corresponding discount her.

The HG Cash levels give discount on all HG products except for Race Gear : 

     500€          Bronze level          (5%) discount

   3000€          Silver level            (7%) discount

   8500€          Gold level            (10%) discount

 35000€          Platinum level      (15%) discount


     700$          Bronze level           (5%) discount

  4 000$           Silver level            (7%) discount

12 000$           Gold level            (10%) discount

50 000$           Platinum level      (15%) discount

HG Cash is based on purchases including VAT (if applicable) made during the past 12 months. The system detects the different levels monthly, for example June 2013 # June 2014.

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