We produce and sell stickers / decals with a focusing on motocross. Our Stickers are made with undercover pressure our own genuine glue, a technique that makes them very durable and of good quality.
HG Stickers are established on the Swedish and European motocross market with many drivers who use our products. To name a few who drive with HG Stickers on their bikes, Stefan Everts, KTM Factory Team, KTM Farioli Enduro Team and many more.

In order to buy from us, you visit our store in Karlskoga, or our web shop. Find more info under the heading "products". If you want to visit or contact us, you will find all the information under the heading "contact" in the menu. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us!

We wish you a warm welcome and hope you will find all information about our products here
on our web site.

Owner of Power MX AB is Henrik Gustavsson who have extensive experience in motocross,
with many years on racetracks all around the world. HG Stickers is a trademark of
Power MX AB. We sell our products through the store in Karlskoga, and the web site on Internet.

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  • 691 41 Karlskoga
  • Phone: +46586-692 15
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We manufacture and sell stickers / decals with a focus on motocross. The decals are designed as
undercover pressure which is very durable and of good quality, and an adhesive that we manufacture ourselves. More about us »