This week it is going to be a chickenraceThis week it is going to be a chickenrace
This week it is going to be a chickenrace Motocross: An Italian creeping in among all the yanks that pleases fill in, in week 17.
21 April 2014 by Anders Wallsten
Double victory for KTMDouble victory for KTM
Double victory for KTM Motocross: It became a muddy event when the World Cup moved to Sevlievo, Bulgaria. In wetness mastered KTM-duo Jeffrey Herlings and Antonio Cairoli the slippery base best.
20 April 2014 21:54 by Anders Wallsten
3 x European Championship in Bulgaria3 x European Championship in Bulgaria
3 x European Championship in Bulgaria Motocross: The World Cup circus continued, this time to the east, specifically to the scenic course in Sevlievo, Bulgaria. But HG News broadcasting first attention to the EM-series that were decided at the same location.
20 April 2014 13:33 by Anders Wallsten
These we want to watch – part 1These we want to watch – part 1
These we want to watch – part 1 Motocross: New year and new hopes. For this year's championshipseries in motocross there is likely to be missing some drivers for a variety of reasons where damage is probably the major contributing cause. Here comes HG News own wish list on how the starting grid might look like. In this case, we are anything but gentlemanly when we start with the guys. First tomorrow morning we take hold of the womens ...
20 April 2014 09:11 by Anders Wallsten
The best of both worlds was not what we expectedThe best of both worlds was not what we expected
The best of both worlds was not what we expected Motocross: Take a little here and a little there and suddenly you can get the best of both worlds. That is why HG News mixed together our two perhaps best MX-drivers right now; Tom Söderström and Filip Thuresson. But it was a strange outcome.
19 April 2014 09:20 by Anders Wallsten
Two out of three ain't badTwo out of three ain't bad
Two out of three ain't bad Motocross: Tables are something for the hardcore facts geeks. But from various lists can we also gleaned some interesting information such as KTM dominated two of three SM-classes last year. Hg News has in its own tablecount looked up the four best placed drivers at the five motorcycle brands and received the following lists...
18 April 2014 09:02 by Anders Wallsten
"It's never fun to lose""It's never fun to lose"
"It's never fun to lose" Motocross: In 1993, it was a 30 minute summary from the VM-race at Malmabanan in Västerås on tv. Since then, we have to be content with a minute here or there. But a tv-spot with MX-extension we got in each case take part of this past weekend when Ebba Bergström was losing at the finish line in Gladiatorerna.
17 April 2014 15:29 by Anders Wallsten
World Cup points for SjöströmWorld Cup points for Sjöström
World Cup points for Sjöström Enduro: World premiere in Spain had Gas Gas-driver Tommy Sjöström problem with persistent headaches. When the enduro World Championship to this past weekend moved to Portugal went all things much better and now has Sjöström taking world cup-points for the first time.
17 April 2014 12:23 by Anders Wallsten
Good and mixedGood and mixed
Good and mixed Motocross: This time we offer two competitions, an injury, one contract and diversity within the neighbour discipline enduro.
17 April 2014 08:19 by Anders Wallsten
“Why does it not work it contest"“Why does it not work it contest"
“Why does it not work it contest" Motocross: Hey, now I'm sitting in the mobilehome on the way home to Belgium after a very tough competition in Arco, Italy.
16 April 2014 20:10 by Anders Wallsten
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